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About Us

Our Company was established in Istanbul in 1988. Gradually increasing our manufacturing capacity over the years, we are now one of the leading textile companies producing ready-to-wear garments for many of the well established international brands.

We have over 9900 sqm of factory floor space which caters to our circular knitting, sewing, cutting and classification, embroidery, as well as sampling, ironing and packaging departments. Meantime sewing and clothing manufacturing is outsourced to selected companies under the total control of our experienced Quality Control and Quality Assurance Departments.

Working closely and collaborating with German technicians, we greatly reduced the twisting problem often associated with dyed fabric garments by about 60-70%. And, using very special washing and finishing methods and techniques, we ultimately resolved this problem completely. Having realized this and other improvements in dyed textile manufacturing, we are now recognized as a leading manufacturer in this field (including pigment dyed, antique dyed and reactive dyed textiles). 

As a result of our ability to focus on customer demands and constant need to improve on our products, we increased our annual production from 8,000 units to 200,000 units over a period of 8 years. We now manufacture throughout the entire year, covering 4 seasons of merchandise and our average annual capacity is now currently in excess of 2,000,000 units. 

In order to best serve our clients, we maintain a large and well equipped (30 machines) Sample and Collections Department which can cater to more than 20 clients, simultaneously. In this department, we maintain 8 senior and 3 junior full-time pattern makers, using Gerber technology which enables us to ensure efficiency, precision and enhanced creativity.

Building on our fundamental values of high ethical norms, outstanding production standards, best business practices and environmentally conscious principles, our mission is to exceed client expectations by offering them the very best of quality and timely products, services and solutions while continuing to expand our well established position in the textile industry.